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All about eye lift and eye lid surgery

Your eyes are the first feature people notice about your face. Your eyes can tell so much about you! They can communicate your thoughts and your feelings. They can also say how energetic or tired you feel. Cosmetic eyelid surgery can make you look as well as you feel.

Eyelid surgery to improve the appearance of the eyelids is termed blepharoplasty. It is a procedure that removes puffiness and excess skin from the lower and upper eyelids. This operation not only yields a rested and youthful look, but it also relives feelings of tiredness and eyestrain and increases peripheral vision.

Conditions that Upper Eyelid Surgery Can Improve:

Upper eyelid fullness. This is a contour characteristic that is familial in nature and unrelated to age. It is present from childhood onward.

Surgery to reduce fullness of the upper eyelid is one of the most effective of all cosmetic operations. It can be performed any time from age 18 onward. Once it is done, it is done forever.

Excess skin of the upper eyelid. This is a result of laxity of the facial skin with aging. Surgery can markedly reduce excess skin of the upper eyelid.

Upper Eyelid Surgery for Women

In women, removal of upper lid fullness will ideally create a deepening of the normal upper eyelid crease and permit a more effective use of eye make-up to enhance the eyes. Surgery of the upper eyelid may produce a very dramatic result in women. Women who have both fullness and excess folds of skin are also good candidates for surgery. The removal of excess skin will produce a cleaner appearance of the upper eyelid crease.

Upper Eyelid Surgery for Men

‘Upper eyelid surgery in men is effective, but must be moderate and subtle. The somewhat extensive surgery resulting in a dramatic but non-surgical look in women would produce a “surgical” look in men. So the aim of surgery in men is to produce a subtle reduction of excess eyelid skin, which sometimes overlap the eyelashes and may even obstruct vision – Eyelid Surgeon Beverly Hills

Conditions that Lower Eyelid Surgery Can Improve:

Lower eyelid fullness or bagginess. This is also a familial characteristic but may become more pronounced with age. It can be improved substantially with surgery.

‘With the newest techniques and the use of lasers, the surgery can be done from the inside of the eyelid to avoid skin incision and any visible scar. This surgery dramatically relieves the “tired” appearance. This operation can also be performed at any age and once it is done, it is done forever – Facelift Surgeon Los Angeles

Skin wrinkles of the lower eyelid. These are generally not caused by excess skin but rather by aging of the skin. Removing lower eyelid skin cause the lid to pull down and is generally not very effective. However, laser resurfacing is very effective for lower lid wrinkles. When there is both lower lid “bags” and wrinkles, the surgery for the bags and the laser treatment for the wrinkles can be performed at the same time.

Lower Eyelid Surgery for Men or Women

Removal of prominent bags of the lower eyelid is one of the best procedures in facial plastic surgery. The surgery is extremely effective in both men and women. Ideally, the operation should be done early but both young and old can benefit. The operation I perform involves an incision with a laser on the inner surface of the lower eyelid so that fat can be removed without disturbing the other structures of the eyelid. This approach diminishes the chance of complications and has no visible scar. In cases where there are also wrinkles of the lower eyelid, a laser treatment can be given at the time of surgery to achieve marked reduction of wrinkles.